All The Allowance Resources You Could Ever Need ~ Allowance Week

All The Allowance Resources you Need

I hope you’ve enjoyed allowance week, where we covered the great chore debate, talked about how much to give your kids, what to spend it on, and different ways to make the payments. Today I’m going to give you a boatload of resources you can use for your own kids (or to send to your friends) of books, apps, products, websites, and videos so you can take it to the next level.

So buckle up dear, it’s going to be a great one!

Note, some of these are affiliate links – if you buy a product I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for helping support my goal of giving out a community college scholarship!

Allowance Books – For Parents, For Kids

Looking for some books to read to your kids related to the whole allowance, earning money, or money management situation? Look no further. Here’s a few of my favorite options for parents and kids.

For the kids that just don’t want to do their chores
My older boys really enjoyed this book
My oldest son has read this and still remembers its lessons
I’ve checked this out from the library – a good basic money book
This goes beyond the allowance but is a solid overall read if you’re looking for tips to get your kids better with money (even if your own money needs some work)

Allowance Videos To Watch

Kids learn everything from YouTube nowadays – at least mine seem to. If yours seem to as well, here’s a few fun videos for them to check out.

For younger kids, there’s our good friend Elmo with Beth Kobliner (the same person who wrote the book above).

Looking for a video for yourself to watch? Check out this TEDx talk.

And if you’re looking for a free video series, be sure to check out Warren Buffet’s Secret Millionaires Club. Specifically, Webisode #4 addresses saving (although they’re all awesome).

Kids Allowance Products

I’ve covered a lot of cool products this week related to kids and allowances, but let me put up a few of my favorites.

I thought this chore tracker was both cute *and* detailed
I saw a lot of jars, but liked the design of this one best
The classic bank that started it all
My kids love this coin-stealing panda.
If you’re looking for a more stylish option, these metal banks also come in owl and dog designs

Allowance Related Websites & Apps

I already mentioned apps and cards that give you functionality to create a debit card/virtual bank with your kids – Greenlight, FamZoo, Current, and Go Henry. But what about other options to make allowances more fun and easy?

The Rooster Money Allowance app is a free allowance tracker that can be a great option if you’re not looking to go full-on debit card with your kids. There’s also the Homey chores & allowance tracker, which can make it easier for you to track versus the manual on-the-fridge methods. In full disclosure, I have not personally used these with my kids (yet!) but both have high reviews and have been revised hundreds of times. Plus they’re free. So I don’t think you’ll go wrong with them.

For websites, of course I’m going to plug Warren Buffet’s Secret Millionaires Club again. Honestly I’ve not found a huge amount of helpful websites in this space – but if you have, be sure to share them in the comments!

Allowance Article Roundup!

Well allowance week sure has been fun! I hope you enjoyed, learned something, or decided to experiment with a new strategy. If you did, be sure to reach out on social media or through email to let me know how it goes.

In case you missed an article – here’s the other allowance articles in the series.

On Monday I discussed whether or not allowance payments should be based on chores, or something else.

Pay For Chores Or No? Allowance Week

On Tuesday, we talked about how much to pay for allowances – and different ways to calculate them.

How Much How To Calculate Allowance

Wednesday, I answered the question of what to teach your kids to do with the allowances (spend, save, share).

What To Do With That Allowance? Spend Save Share

And Thursday, I talked about the various options to pay your kids – cash, debit cards, checking accounts, and other options.

Allowance Payment Methods - Or How Exactly Do I Get This Money To My Kids?

I hope you enjoyed allowance week! If you have any questions I can help with, suggestions for other things to cover on this topic, or just want to chat be sure to reach out on social media or through email.

Allowance Resources – What Have You Found?

What’s your favorite website, article, video, product, or app related to kids and allowances? Drop it in the comments! I’d love to see what everyone else has found useful.

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  1. I found the book “The First National Bank of Dad” by David Owen to be a good jumping off point for determining my allowance and saving system for my bank of dad. I didn’t agree with 100% of what he said, specifically about jobs during teenage years, but the 5%/month compounded interest has been dynamite in teaching my kids the value of saving and compound interest

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