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Liz Gendreau can write and/or talk about: women seeking financial independence; female breadwinners/six figure earners/millionaires; getting through and preparing for a financial crisis; and kids and money. 

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About Liz, The Founder

"I believe we can create opportunities for corporate, career-driven women to create their own change, on their own terms, through education, inspiring content, and brand partnerships."

Liz Gendreau has decades of experience working in technology at large Fortune 500 companies, speaking to audiences of all sizes. Chief Mom Officer is her passion project, dedicated to teaching breadwinning moms all about money, work, frugal family fun, and financial freedom using the power of humor and stories.

She has been featured in major media sites such as Forbes, Business Insider, Marketwatch, CNBC, USA Today, and Money.

She holds a BS in Accounting and an MBA from the University of Connecticut, and lives at home with a house full of boys – her husband, three sons, a dog and a cat.

"As a mom, it's more than OK to want massive success in your career and a balanced family life. Here, we say 'yes' to both and we start with your finances because everything ties back to money. And it is only through financial literacy at the foundation that women can begin to make their dreams a reality."
"Working with Liz was a breeze. As an event organizer, I look for people who can be organized and command a room with their expertise and storytelling and Liz delivered. She was able to connect with the audience in an authentic way while providing actionable resources on how to manage finances. Liz is smart, professional, communicative, and on top of everything and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."
Melanie Lockert
Author of Dear Debt, CEO of The Lola Retreat

Major Media Appearences

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Podcast Appearences

Awards & Speaking Appearences from Liz, the founder & CEO of Chief Mom Officer.


Plutus 2017 – Nominated Best Family Finance Blog

Plutus 2018 – Winner Best Family Finance Blog; Nominated Best Series (Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Women)

Feedspot: Top 80 Working Mom Blogs 

Plutus 2019 – Nominated Best Family Finance Blog; Winner Best Series (Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Women)

Plutus 2022 – Nominated Best Family Finance blog


Lola Retreat NYC 2018 – Panel discussion about my husbands illness

WordPress CT Meetup 2018 – How To Run An Award Winning Blog

FinCon 2018 – Be A Business, MBA For Digital Entrepreneurs

FinCon 2019 – Teaching Your Kids About Money Without Boring Them

Choose FI CT 2019 – Reaching FI With Kids & Second Generation FI

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My specialties – and favorite topics to write and talk about- are women seeking financial independence; female breadwinners/six figure earners/millionaires; getting through and preparing for a financial crisis; and kids and money.