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Saving Too Much For College in a 529 – Now What?

What can you do if you saved too much in a 529

The one year old I started a college fund for back in 2004 was just recently accepted to college. He received several scholarships, took courses for college credit in high school, and will be living at home attending an in-state public university. All that means I don’t need as much in college savings as all those financial calculators said I did. Check out what options we’re looking withdrawing the extra, and revisit an old friend – the College Compact – in action.

Are You Sacrificing Too Much (Financially) For Your Kids?

Sacrificing Too Much For Kids

Are you sacrificing too much for your kids – giving them what they want now and forgoing what you want the most? Today on the site I’m talking about when we parents don’t put on our own financial oxygen masks before putting on our kids, and giving some tips to help you focus your spending on what you truly value. Also looking for your suggestions for saving in the comments!

What To Do With That Allowance? Spend, Save, Share ~ Allowance Week

What To Do With That Allowance? Spend Save Share

Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to use to figure out the allowance you’re paying to your kids – and how much you’re going to give them – you’re faced with the question of what they should do with it. After all, you don’t want to just fork over a bunch of money for …

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