I Slogged Through 26 Different Retirement Calculators – Will What I Learned Surprise You? (#calculatormountain)

I’ve always been a fan of retirement calculators, but found many of them lacking. Inspired by an older viral YouTube video that I somehow just saw now, I decided to climb #calculatormountain and slog through twenty six retirement calculators. What did I like? What did I hate? And what was I doing all day while running the numbers? Stop in and see.

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It’s Q2 Close. Where are your 2018 Goals?

We all set goals at the start of the year. How are you tracking towards yours? Today, in honor of Q2 of your financial life coming to a close, I’m sharing my in-depth assessment process and tracking just how I’m doing towards my ambitious goals this year. Come on in, see how I do my assessment, stay tuned for the fun updates, and share with me how you’re doing!

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Overcoming Adversity on the Path to FIRE- Chris from Can I Retire Yet

Long time readers of this site will know that I love to share stories of overcoming adversity. I think too often in the personal finance community, people focus the stories on the uber-successful, and gloss over the hard parts. This can make “ordinary” folks think that they can’t possibly ever succeed, because they’ve had a rough start/bad times/etc. Today I interview Chris from Can I Retire Yet about his story of overcoming adversity on the path to financial freedom.

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