A Month Of Meal Planning – Where Have You Been All My Life? (Plus A Freebie)

CMO adventures in meal planning!

I wanted to talk to you today about something I’ve been doing the past month, that I’ve loved. It’s called “meal planning”, and it’s awesome.

Yes, I’m almost forty years old and I’ve been winging meals for the past twenty years of adulthood.

I’ll tell you a bit about my prior meal philosophy, and talk a bit about the changes we’ve made. Bonus – I made a downloadable printable just for you! If I was smart, I’d make you give me your email address or something to get it, but I’m feeling generous. Consider it a gift for sticking around during my break.

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Deliberate Deprivation, Increased Appreciation

Have you ever deliberately deprived yourself of something to increase your appreciation of it? I have. And if you find you’re taking things for granted, you should give it a try too. Inspired by my recent camping trip, and how much more appreciative we all are of the things we took for granted before we left, I’m talking today about how you can deliberately increase appreciation of the things you already have, helping you spend less and save more. Come join in the challenge – let’s work on this together!

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Replacing An Automatic Car Door Key – For Cheap #moneysavinghack

My car dealer told me years ago that it would cost over two hundred bucks to replace my broken automatic key, so I’ve been living with my spare key for years. Check out today’s story about how my husband saved over a hundred and fifty bucks by replacing my key the cheaper way – and learn some financial lessons in the process.

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