Ultimate Guide To Shopping Your Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance – it’s one of those personal finance tasks that can save you a ton of money, but seems to be a big pain. Maybe you go to one or two websites and shop for good prices, or perhaps you rely on a broker. Well today I’m going to give you my ultimate guide to shopping for car insurance here in the USA. 

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Lions, Tigers, and Taxes – Oh My! Thoughts on 2018 Tax Planning

Doing your taxes as a breadwinning mom can be a pain, but can also be fun if you look at it the right way. Take a peek into my tax assessment and planning strategy. Plus a few interesting stories of my fun and debacles from prior tax years.

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Fire Your Financial Advisor – White Coat Investor Course Review

Are you – or someone you know – overpaying for financial advice? Or maybe you’ve been looking for an online course to walk you through completing your own detailed financial plan? Check out my review of the White Coat Investors new online course.

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