Money. Work. Life.

That’s what I write about here on Chief Mom Officer. I’m a breadwinning mom to three wonderful active boys (13, 9, and 1 1/2), with a stay at home husband. I’ve risen from community college and a $22k per year to a six figure earning MBA, working in IT for a large company. Personal finance has been my hobby since I was a teenager and am a die-hard Boglehead. I received my MBA several years ago going part-time (even though I had young children at the time). I enjoy coming up with frugal, creative, fun things to do together as a family. And a few years back, our family was saved by my good financial habits when my husband almost died from septic shock.

Since that time five years ago, we dug out from $33k in “normal” debt, are on the path to paying off our mortgage before I’m 40, funding four years of college for three kids, reaching FIRE, and having frugal fun with my family along the way.

My mission: I want to help people everywhere take control of their financial, work, and frugal family life, and reach their dreams-whatever those might be. Wherever you are on your personal financial path, thank you for joining me. I hope you join in the conversation, and I’m looking forward to having you as a reader!

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