Hello there. I’m Liz, the Chief Mom Officer. And I’m Here To Help.

Money for you and your kids. Success at work. Financial freedom. And frugal family life.

That’s what we talk about here at Chief Mom Officer.

A Bit About Me

My name is Liz, and I’m 38 years old. I have three wonderful boys – ages 15, 11, and 3 – and have been married to my husband for the past sixteen years.

Personal finance and investing has been a hobby and passion of mine since I was a teenager. A huge part of my success, and overcoming obstacles, has been reading inspiring stories of other women who had done the same.

Now I bring together my love of personal finance, desire to help others succeed, passion for teaching my kids about money, and stories of other successful women – whether they be breadwinning, six figure, millionaires or women seeking financial freedom here on Chief Mom Officer.

My Mission

My mission with Chief Mom Officer is simple. I want to help working women manage money (theirs, and their kids ), find success in their careers, overcome obstacles, and ultimately achieve the financial freedom they deserve – while still having (frugal) fun.

How am I accomplishing this mission? By publishing my work on this site, other sites around the web, public speaking, chatting on podcasts, and any other way I can think of. Interested in working together to further this mission? Reach out to me anytime at liz@chiefmomofficer.org.

More About Me

Interested in hearing more about my background? I’m a breadwinning mom to three wonderful active boys (14, 10, and 3), with a stay at home husband. Although I’ve worked my entire career in information technology for large corporations, I have a secret love of finance. In fact, my undergraduate degree is in accounting, and of course I also have that MBA I mentioned earlier.

Back when I was a teenager, I read The Wealthy Barber in my town library and it opened my eyes to the potential of personal finance and investing. I’m a die-hard Boglehead, aka Vanguard fan – but from before it was cool. I received my MBA several years ago going to school part-time, while working full-time with two young children at the time. I enjoy coming up with frugal, creative, fun things to do together as a family. And a few years back, our family was saved by my good financial habits when my husband almost died from septic shock. Today my husband is a loving stay at home dad to our three boys while I’m the breadwinner and sole income earner.

Overcoming obstacles and refusing to let them deter me from achieving my dreams is an ongoing theme in my life. I love helping to be a part of showing other people facing obstacles that it is indeed possible to overcome them and achieve your dreams.

Although I was always been a saver and investor, over time a bit of lifestyle inflation had crept in. After my husbands near death experience, I knew that had to change. We had to get serious about achieving financial freedom, because we knew from experience just how bad things could get. So we quickly dug out from $33k in “normal” debt, are on the path to paying off our mortgage before I’m 40, funding four years of college for three kids, reaching financial independence, and having frugal fun together along the way. I also love teaching my kids important lessons about money in fun, different, and creative ways.

Stay In Touch!

Follow my blog (on the sidebar) for an e-mail notification of all my new articles. You can also connect over on Facebook or Twitter so we can stay in touch. On Instagram I love sharing pictures of our families fun and frugal adventures. You can also see what I’m pinning on Pinterest, or the latest books I’m reading (or want to read) over on Goodreads. Any questions? Need my help with something? Drop an e-mail to Liz@chiefmomofficer.org. Thanks again for stopping by!

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