Why Everyone Should Plan To Retire Early

Even though a lot of folks in the financial media will tell you to delay retirement until 70, there’s a good reason to plan a much earlier retirement than that. In fact, everyone should be prepared to retire early – even if they don’t want to. I’m going to educate you on the cold hard facts about why planning to work into your late 60’s or 70’s will not work. -and what you can do about it.

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The Best Retirement Calculator Review – I Review 26 In One Day (#calculatormountain)

I’ve always been a fan of retirement calculators, but found many of them lacking. Inspired by an older viral YouTube video that I somehow just saw now, I decided to climb #calculatormountain and slog through twenty six retirement calculators. What did I like? What did I hate? And what was I doing all day while running the numbers? Stop in and see.

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By Age 35, You Should Know Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Hanging around personal finance blogs, forums, and websites, you may get the impression that everyone is doing financially better than you are. Recent backlash around a Fidelity report that you should have twice your income saved by 35 got me thinking about how to evaluate financial advice you read online, productive and unproductive responses to advice you don’t like hearing, and what a path forward might look like.

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