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Home On FIRE! The Importance Of Emergency Funds

House On FIRE

It’s house on FIRE day! We had an electrical emergency over at CMO central the other day, and fortunately had a birthday hero here to help save our house from catching on fire. This experience was a powerful reminder of the importance of emergency funds – and emergency plans. Read more about what happened, and be sure to catch the bonus video with interviews with my family about the event.

Women, Risk Aversion, and Money

Women And Risk Aversion

Are women more risk averse than men? If so, why? And how does risk aversion impact female investors? This topic has been on my mind lately, particularly with the latest gyrations of the market. I also recall someone once commenting they found my thoughts on investing an interesting window into the mind of female investors. …

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Trinity Study, William Bengen, Safe Withdrawal Rates – Women and Early Retirement

We’ve all likely heard of the Trinity study – the study that led to the 4% rule, or having 25 times your expenses saved. But have you actually read the Trinity study? Did you ever wonder how it applies to women, or early retirees? And have you heard of William Bengen, the financial advisor who laid the groundwork for the Trinity study? Well you’re in for a treat today.