The Best Christmas Gift I Ever Thought Of – A Memory Book (Plus Free Photo Book!)

I came up with the idea of having my kids create a memory book soon after my beloved grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer almost three years ago. Come check out the most thoughtful gift idea I’ve ever come up with-perfect for the special person who has everything.

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Fixing A Broken Watch and A Broken Heart – Spending $100 to Fix a $50 Watch

Not all our money decisions need to make economic sense. When my oldest son was in tears over the breaking of his great-grandfathers Timex, my husband and I knew we had to fix it even though it cost more to fix than replace. Learn about how we had to locate the one person in the US that fixes heirloom Timex watches, and making decisions from the heart instead of the wallet.

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Secondhand Kids Are The Best Kids

Even though my family earns a high income, I still like to get as much as possible for my kids through secondhand sources. Why? I’ve been a mother for fourteen years now, and can speak from experience how much better it is financially and for the environment. Where else but consignment shops can you pick up near-mint designer duds for kids for less than Walmart prices?

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