How America Pays for College – Reflections From The Mother Of A High School Freshman (Me)

When I read the latest study in “How America Pays for College”, I knew I had to share my thoughts. As the mother of a high school freshmen, I’m keenly interested in college funding, how to pay for it, and how much it really costs. Come see my reflections on the current state of paying for college in America.

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Do You Think “You Can’t Get Loans For Retirement But Your Kids Can Get Loans for College”? Wrong.

“Your kids can get loans for college, but you can’t get loans for retirement”. This is not always true. When you’re evaluating your college saving and spending strategy, you need to keep in mind that if you earn a high income your children might not be eligible for loans. Read all about when this makes sense, and when it doesn’t.

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Creating Your College Compact in Five Easy Steps

A college compact can help you to set priorities and goals for college saving and spending. It’s an agreement you make with yourself and your kids on what you will-and won’t-do when it comes to college. Laying this out ahead of time is a great way to make sure everyone’s on the same page, expectations are set correctly, and you both are clear on what the families priorities are.

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