529 Day 2018 Ultimate Roundup! Free Money, Giveaways and More

Today is 529 day (May 29th-or 5/29-get it!) – and in celebration, 529 providers throughout the country are giving you free money for opening accounts, giving you chances to win thousands of dollars for college, and even chances to win tickets to events.

One of my pet peeves about this day is there’s not a good, comprehensive roundup of all the different states giveaways. Every article I’ve found only has some of them. So I’ve checked every 529 providers website and social media in an attempt to not miss any of the deals out there for you.  Why? Because my oldest son won one of these kinds of giveaways (not a 529 day one, but a different one) from my state’s 529 CHET. I’m hoping one of my readers will win a giveaway in their state!

After the giveaway roundup, stay tuned for a bunch of great articles and resources you can use to find out more about saving for college.

Even if your state doesn’t have a giveaway, some of these states don’t require you be a resident to claim the offer. And be sure to share this article to reach your friends or family with kids, who might live in other states.

The 529 Day Giveaways and Free Money

Multistate giveaway-AARP Grandbaby Giveaway- win $529 for college!

Alabama– College Counts 529 Giveaway – had a baby born in Alabama in the past year? You could win $529! All Alabama babies born between 5/29/2017 and 5/29/2018 are eligible to enter. There will be 29 total winners, so there’ll be plenty to go around. Enter here

Alaska– If you’re contributing to an AK 529, you could win a $25,000 scholarship! Check out the college savings scholarship info here.

California– Set up an Automatic Contribution Plan of $25 or more for six months and they’ll add $50 to your savings.  Free money! Get it here.

Connecticut – Open a CHET 529 account between May 29 and June 1, 2018, with a minimum $50 deposit, enroll in the Automatic Contribution Plan at $25 each month for six months – and they’ll $50 to your account. And don’t forget to check out the article I wrote on the CHET 529 for more giveaways and benefits!  More on scoring your free money here.

Georgia Path2College 529– had a baby in Georgia this year? Or a grandchild born in Georgia? Enter to win $5,529 towards college here!

Idaho-Ideal Idaho College Savings Program–  Open an account online through May 29th, make an initial contribution of $25 or more and we’ll add $25 to your account. The beneficiary of the account MUST BE age 5 or younger. More info here.

Indiana College Choice 529 – $529 “Learn to Earn” Giveaway
Complete the interactive CollegeChoice 529 Savings Guide through May 31 and be entered to win a $529 CollegeChoice 529 account deposit. Find details here.

Iowa- College Savings Iowa- Win $529 towards college! https://www.iowa529contest.com/giveaways/details.cfm?GiveawayID=35&cookieCheck=1

Kansas Learning Quest 529-win $529 towards a new or existing 529 plan by entering on their Facebook page.  Rules are here.  You can also enter their “Blue Crew Giveaway” to win $1,529 for college, seven tickets to a Kansas City Royals game, a stadium tour, and the opportunity to throw the first ceremonial pitch at the game! Enter here.

Kentucky- Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust Newborn Giveaway
Win one of four $529 college savings accounts for new babies born in Kentucky. Enter here for kids born in the past year.

Michigan– Ten lucky families can win $3,000 each towards college from the Michigan Education Trust via the “How We Met” sweepstakes! Enter to win here.

Minnesota– Open an MCSP 529 through June 1, 2018, with a $50 deposit, enroll in the Automatic Contribution Plan at $25 each month for six months – and they’ll add $50 to your account. Get it here!

Missouri MOST 529 – one lucky winner will get 5,290, and ten others will win $529. Enter the giveaway now!

Nebraska NEST– get a $100 bonus for opening a new account, through the end of the month. You can also win $529 through a summer reading program, and $1,000 through their Fun Photo contest! Find all the great options here.

New York 529– Win $500 towards a New York 529 account! Enter to win here.

Nevada 529- win $529 by entering this giveaway by the end of the month!  Enter here.

North Carolina CFNC – win $1,529 towards college. Enter the giveaway here!

North Dakota College Save 529 -win $529 towards college!  Enter to win here

Ohio College Advantage 529 -Giving away $529 -enter by June 10th! Enter the giveaway!

Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan– chance to win $5,529 for children or grandchildren born in 2018! Enter here.

Oregon College Savings– Win one of five $529 accounts. Enter to win here!

Pennsylvania PA529 – enter to win $529! Details here.

Rhode Island College Bound Saver– get $25 for opening a new account. Free money! More details here.

South Carolina Future Scholar 529 – Win $529 if your baby is born on May 29th! More info here.

Tennessee TN Stars 529– TNStars is offering a $25 match to all Tennessee residents who open a new TNStars account during the month of May with at least $25. Check it out!

Utah My 529– Get up to $40 by opening a new account-for Utah residents. Use promo code my529Day18, and open by the 30th. Details here.

Vermont- VHEIT – Win $529 into a new or existing account! Details here.

Virginia 529Get a $50 match for opening a new Invest 529 account. Also at each hospital, the baby born closest to 5:29 PM on May 29th will win $529!

529 Day College Savings Resources and Articles

After you’ve entered to win some of these contents, or scored your free money for opening an account, be sure to check out these resources that will help you and your family prepare for paying for college.

Interested in learning more about my college saving strategy – what I call my College Compact? I’m targeting fully funding four years at my state’s flagship college (tuition, room, board, books, and supplies) for all three of my boys. I’ve set restrictions on what I will and won’t pay for, and what can be done with any leftover funds. It’s the Investment Policy Statement for college planning! Stop by here for all the details on how to create your own.

Or perhaps you want to give a gift of a 529 plan or contribution to honor this day? Check out my ultimate 529 gifting guide – created for Christmas, but it works any time of year!

You can also find all the great college savings articles I’ve written on my Kids and College page – plenty of great info here.

Have a wonderful 529 day! And I Want To Hear From You

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