A Gift For You! Where Are They Now – Updates on Former Interviewees

A Gift For You

Happy holidays everyone! Today is Christmas Eve here in the US, and we’ve got a fun day planned. Not only am I baking some desserts for Christmas day, but we’re also headed to my in-laws tonight to kick off the festivities.

And today I have a gift for you, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas! It’s a non-denominational gift.

But before I go on – I want to take a moment to thank you for coming to my site, reading, commenting, and following along with me on this crazy money journey of mine.

Two years ago, when I first thought of this site, I just hoped to create some of the content I wished I could read. I didn’t know that people would actually come by and read it. In fact, sometimes I still feel a bit of disbelief at this whole thing.

So thank you, and I hope you’ll stick with me this coming year. I’ve got some great ideas in the works (more ideas than I have time, in fact) that I hope you’ll love.

Now, on to the gift!

I’ve been scouring Twitter to check in on a few of the former interviewees featured here on CMO, because I know you all love the stories they’ve shared. I hope you enjoy seeing what they’re up to lately!

Psst – if you’re looking for Christmas content and ideas, be sure to stay tuned to the end!

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Women

Want to know what some of my former interviewees are up to lately? I’ve rounded up some amazing updates for you. Grab a coffee and read on to see what they’re up to lately.

Chelsea, my very first interviewee – who will always have a special place here on CMO – has just rebranded her site! She’s running Smart Money Mamas, and building a community of moms working toward a better financial future for themselves and their kids. Her site also looks amazing! Be sure to stop by, check it out, and subscribe. And join in her Facebook group if you want a place to chat with other smart money mamas!

J, the Millennial Boss, is crushing the side hustle game! She was my first non-mom interviewee, and was a big inspiration in me expanding this series beyond moms. Thanks for that, J! Check out her latest income report – she’s up over $5,500 now.

Hannah Rounds was my second interviewee ever, and I got to meet at FinCon again this year. It was wonderful to sit down and chat with her! Her and her husband just welcomed another baby to their family. Stop by Twitter and congratulate her!


Hatton1, my first millionaire interviewee, now runs Dr. of Finance MD. She just wrote a fascinating article about her mother in law (sorry for your loss, Hatton1). Her husband never earned more than $25k at a fertilizer plant. Through extreme frugality and brute force savings, her mother in law was a near millionaire when she passed. It goes to show that it is possible. It’s just that the lower your income is, the more extreme you need to be to force a gap between income and expenses.

Vicki, from Make Smarter Decisions, is a retired teacher. She did go back recently to help cover for a teacher on maternity leave. As the mom of a middle schooler, I’m going to say a big “thanks!” on behalf of us middle school parents, both for doing that and for putting up with our children. She’s headed to Florida shortly in true snowbird fashion! She continues to run Women Who Money and Women’s Money Talk with her friend Amy from Life Zemplified.

P.S. Amy won a PLUTUS award for Best Gen X Or Baby Boomer Blog! Go Amy!

Penny from She Picks Up Pennies is doing wonderfully. She was a “soon to be” mom when I first interviewed her over a year and a half ago, but not anymore! Her son continues to get bigger, and she won a PLUTUS award for Best Frugality Blog! She’s also running an amazing holiday money wins series, so if you’re looking for some inspiration this season, stop by and check it out.

Miss. Bonnie MD was also a soon-to-be mom when we first connected – but not anymore! She’s doing an amazing job on her site and her little guy is getting big!

Women on FIRE

My friend Laurie from Three Year Experiment has had an eventful year! She was my first Woman on FIRE interviewee.  Since the time of her interview, her and her family have moved to North Carolina back in June. Her husband now works full time remotely, and they’ve taken a step closer to living their dreams of location independence. Check out her post on the big news here, and be sure to stick around her site to see more of what they’ve been up to since then.

Jillian from Montana Money Adventures was nominated for a PLUTUS award in Family Finance along with yours truly – and several other great folks! She and her family took an epic trip this summer – ten weeks with five kids! Check out below for more about how you can plan for one yourself. And of course stick around her site!

Ms. Zi You, a blogger from England, has started an amazing new series on her site all about financial feminists. You can check out all the amazing interviews she’s done here. Loved her latest one with Dr. Nikki!

Angela from Tread Lightly, Retire Early, has been picked up for some major media features since we last spoke to her. Recently she did a guest post over on Get Rich Slowly, She also runs an amazing Facebook group for women’s personal finance with over 3,000 members! I loved her latest article about the holidays.

I got to meet and chat with Jenny from Good Life Better at FinCon, which was amazing! I love meeting interviewees and virtual friends in the real world. P.S. I loved this image on her post. I know it’s from a while back but the frog is just too cute.

Happy Holidays!

I hope you enjoyed this special gift, and that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. And if you don’t celebrate a holiday this time of year, I hope you have a great week!

Looking for some Christmas related content today? Check out my holiday page for more on what goes on here at CMO central this time of year.

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  1. This is great, and it’s a great time of year to share it! It’s always wonderful to see continued success and hear stories from real people. It’s encouraging to know that it’s a journey for everyone and there are a number of different (awesome) paths that we can take. I hope you have a great holiday season too!

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