Introducing – The Launch of Fun and Free In CT!

Today I’m very excited to launch the initial version of a project I’ve been working on for the past few weeks-and I hope you’ll be excited with me! So without further ado, let me talk to you about the inspiration behind the new page on my site – Fun and Free in CT.

You see, as a mom who’s been through times of low income, debt pay down, medical crisis, 20 years of striving for FI, and the like, I’ve always been pursuing fun and free things to do together as a family. And over the years, I’ve found a ton of great things to do. But it was hard. There wasn’t any particular page online that captured fun and free things to do in the state. Most sites were full of spam, ads, or a bunch of junk. I even found one site that was trying to make you pay a fee just to see a link to a website about festivals in the state!

Can’t Find What You Want – Make It!

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Since I can’t find what I want, I suppose I’ll need to create the kind of resource I would like to see. I was also inspired by a few recent events:

  • Mr Money Mustache opened a store in his town, wanting to give back to his community. I certainly don’t earn from my blog anything near what he earns, so my way of giving back to the community I live in needs to be virtual.
  • We’ve been doing so many fun free things this summer, and I’ve been sharing our adventures on the site. I want other families to have the same kind of fun we do, and be able to easily find an awesome list of all sorts of free adventures in the state.

Some of the free things we’ve been doing this month

You see, Connecticut is a very small state. It’s entirely possible to drive from one corner of the state to the other in just a few hours. That means that amazing, fun, free things to do are only a short drive away-no matter where you live. But I bet there’s people who have lived in this state their whole lives who’ve never heard of amazing stuff to do that’s just a short drive away. So I’m planning to change that.

Be sure to stop by the page and check out the list – and share it to spread the word! I’m hoping to reach other people in the state, both so they can use this list and so they can help me identify events, festivals, and places I’ve missed. All the hidden free gems of Connecticut will soon be revealed!

Help Me Spread The Word!

I’m putting out a request to all you folks out there who have ever struggled looking for free things to do in your area, who live in CT, who know people who live in CT, or who might need to visit CT – help me spread the word about this amazing new resource! Thanks in advance, and have an amazing day.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing – The Launch of Fun and Free In CT!”

  1. This is awesome!! I am sharing with my mom (a lifelong CT resident) and will be using it when we visit her 🙂

    Thanks for putting it together!

  2. What a great idea! Mr. ARs family is in CT, including 2 of his brothers (+ their respective wife/kiddos). I’ll be sharing this with them!

    Now… for a Traverse City, MI version 😉

    1. That’s awesome-I hope they like it! Since this is an initial version I’d love other ideas-please ask them to let me know if there’s something I should add! And I bet your MI version would be a hit. 😀

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