Halloween 2016 Fun Financial Facts

Happy Halloween everyone! For this weeks Money Monday I’m sharing some fun financial facts about Halloween for you. For more check out the National Retail Federation’s Halloween headquarters. I wrote a post with these facts and some tips to save money last week – be sure to check it out here.


Don’t forget to score your Halloween freebies & deals today – I personally love checking the site Hip2Save for the latest & greatest deals.

This year we have a combination of costumes in the family – one hand me down Luigi, one homemade Vash the Stampede, and one Target sale purchased doctor costume (that will be reused for dress up). The three boys are all looking forward to Halloween tonight-my nine year old could barely sleep he’s so excited!

Vash the Stampede – Love and Peace!

So what kind of costumes are your kids doing for Halloween? Are they so excited they can barely sleep too? Let me know in the comments.

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