How do Personal Finance bloggers celebrate the New Year?

Personal Finance Bloggers New Year Celebration

It’s time to celebrate the new year – get dressed up in fancy clothes, go out to dinner and a show, and basically just throw some money out the window, right?

These construction paper hats are the cool fashion accessory in this house! (from last year-this years will have 2017 on them)


Well you knew that wouldn’t be the case with your favorite personal finance bloggers, right? Yesterday I told you about my family’s plans to hold a frugal and fun family party at home. Other bloggers are planning a myriad of different activities to ring in the new year – I asked around at the awesome Rockstar Finance forums what others are doing. Check out what they’re planning!


  • Amanda from Dream Beyond Debt is planning to rock out at a 90’s dance party at an arts space she volunteers for, and go out to a “Good Luck Meal” with friends on New Years Day
  • Slow Dad from  Cantankerous.Life is holding down the fort with the kids while his wife goes out and has a good time – scoring brownie points to bank in the new year while secretly being happy to avoid the crowds and craziness
  • Amy on the forum does so-called “food” (aka junk food) and soda at home (just like us!). Then at midnight everyone goes outside to bang on pots and pans to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck
  • FinanciaLibre from FinanciaLibre is anticipating heavy drinking and passing out from his one year old (no, not the kind you’re thinking of – milk of course!), and college football playoffs
  • Dr. Money Tails at Dr. Money Tails and her wife are going to be unusually adventurous and getting together at a friends house for college football and craft beer.
  • Vicki from Make Smarter Decisions is planning a cook-out on the beach followed by a long walk to a beach villiage area to hear some music, good beer, and watching the ball drop
  • Mrs. ETT from Enough Time To is experiencing summer right now down in Australia, so they’re planning to stay cool indoors while playing board games, maybe darts (before too much drinking occurs!) and watching the fireworks on TV
  • Mrs. Need2Save from Need2Save is planning to go out with Mr. Need2Save on a 5k morning run to start the New Year off right! Don’t worry, even though they’re in bed early they’ll know when it’s midnight because their neighbors will set off fireworks (I have neighbors like that too!)
  • Miss Mazuma from Miss Mazuma may be working and won’t get home until 9, but don’t feel too bad for her – she’s a flight attendant and she’ll be working in Punta Cana! Her and her boyfriend are planning a special meal purchased with gift cards received as a Christmas gift. Crab legs and chicken pot pie-yummy!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Groovy from Freedom is Groovy will be hitting the local Chinese takeout joint before 5 PM and staying home to watch Netflix (which I’ll also be doing)
  •  Tawcan up in Canada will be making a special meal at home, and skipping the countdown given the little ones at home
  • @Geckovision on Twitter is keeping up an awesome tradition from the past three years – baking a fresh “new years banana break loaf” and heading off to bed at 9:30
  • Medium Sized Family is planning to hang out at home or a brothers house, eat junk food, and play games and cards
  • A Journey We Love is headed to Fort Lauderdale for the long weekend!
  • Gwen from Fiery Millennials is headed to what sounds like an amazing NYE party/concert thrown by a band called Over the Rhine in Chicago with her sister
  • Big Law Investor is celebrating the new year in sunny St. Croix (US Virgin Islands) with good weather and on island time
  • Seth Drebritko from Creating FI is planning on relaxing at home (which is always fun)
  • Mister RIP from Retire in Progress has friends visiting from Italy and is preparing Raclette, Fondue and – obviously – a lot of chocolate! Yummmmm
  • Choose Better Life will be attending a pot-luck party with friends where yoga/pajama pants are the preferred attire, with a pre-celebration at 10 MST (midnight EST) so folks can head home a bit early if needed

Side note – as I’m writing this looking out the window at the snow falling, I’m feeling a bit envious of everyone with warm weather plans! I’ll need to live vicariously through all of you.

What kind of plans do you have for New Years Eve or New Years Day? Will you be asleep when we ring in 2017, or wide awake at a party? Let me know in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “How do Personal Finance bloggers celebrate the New Year?”

  1. Hey – looks like some of us frugal folks sure know how to have a good time!! I think I like the idea of a beach cookout and love music…Vicki?? Feel free to shoot me out an invite for next year!! 😉

    Happy new year to you and your family!! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year! A fun list with lots of cool ideas…and now that you mention it, Chinese takeout in the tropics somewhere does sound pretty good!

    Thanks for the shout, and my best wishes y’all’s way for a great 2017.

  3. Geezer alert: We were all in bed by 10:30, JuggerBaby 2 hours before that, per our tradition established long before JuggerBaby came around 😉 We haven’t done NYE partying since 2010, and I like our low-key movie night just fine.

    1. Movie nights are the best! We managed to stay up -well, the 9 and 13 year old did-the little one was long asleep. We spent the time watching movies and playing a board game. I honestly don’t remember ever going out on NY eve to party. I must have always been a geezer. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the mention!
    As it turns out, going out on NYE was way too wild for us.. instead, we stayed home, cooked delicious dinner, drank some champagne, and watched Sense 8 on Netflix. It was the best!

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