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Uncover how to protect your assets, invest, spend and save to get closer to your goals as a woman, mother, and main income earner in your household. 

Fathers Day, Money & the G Family Rules Celebrating My Grandpa, Dad & Hubby

Fathers Day, Money & G Family Rules: Grandpa, Dad & Hubby

This Fathers Day, I’m celebrating the financial lessons of the fathers in my life. My Grandpa, Dad & Hubby are all key figures in my financial journey. I’d like to encourage any dads reading this to share your financial wisdom with your daughters and granddaughters. They just may become a money nerd like me! Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

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Want to Reach FIRE? Here’s Your Diet

Want to learn more about the only diet that will lead to FIRE (financial independence and early retirement)? Check out today’s post where you’ll find all my tips and tricks for eating well… oops I meant just eating… on a strict budget.

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Our Epic Dream Trip To Japan

A few weeks ago, we got back from our epic dream trip to Japan. This was a trip we saved and invested for over nearly 20 years. Come check out our investment strategy, and the many things we did over the course of our ten day trip for a family of five. Bonus content – you get to see me attacked by pigeons!

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Investing have your worried? Protect yourself from...well your own self and develop an investment policy statement.

Grab the free investment policy statement template that will help you protect your financial assets by having a solid plan (and not a reaction). Don’t worry it’s accompanied by a hefty post you can ready to guide you as well. 

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