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Are You Sacrificing Too Much (Financially) For Your Kids?

Sacrificing Too Much For Kids

Are you sacrificing too much for your kids – giving them what they want now and forgoing what you want the most? Today on the site I’m talking about when we parents don’t put on our own financial oxygen masks before putting on our kids, and giving some tips to help you focus your spending on what you truly value. Also looking for your suggestions for saving in the comments!

Fixing A Broken Watch and A Broken Heart – Spending $100 to Fix a $50 Watch

Not all our money decisions need to make economic sense. When my oldest son was in tears over the breaking of his great-grandfathers Timex, my husband and I knew we had to fix it even though it cost more to fix than replace. Learn about how we had to locate the one person in the US that fixes heirloom Timex watches, and making decisions from the heart instead of the wallet.