Worried About Equifax? Identity Theft Resources

If you’re worried about Equifax, or another data breach, this article links to all the books and resources you’ll need to protect or recover your identity. I go beyond the credit freeze to bring you detailed information on physical and virtual security, a book recommendation, and a huge number of tips for protecting/recovering your identity from the thieves.

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Seven Steps to Take if Your Identity’s Been Stolen

This article has all the information you’ll need to know to recover your identity once its stolen. Given all the issues with data breaches lately, most likely your identity has already been stolen. If you don’t know it yet, it’s just because the thieves haven’t gotten to your information to use it. If it does happen to you, or a friend, this article has you covered.

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5 Steps to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft – Plus My Story

In this article I’ll cover five steps to protect yourself from identity theft, plus share my personal experience with having my identity stolen. Fortunately I was able to pretty quickly recover from identity theft thanks to listening to Clark Howard’s podcasts for years, and reading so much on personal finance.

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