Poverty Tourism – Is Frugality Really Just For the Rich?

The essence of “poverty tourism” is the sense that you’re just visiting a lower-income land. You’re taking a tour, dabbling in the local culture, sampling the food, but you can go back home to your high income whenever you want to. Today I look into recent controversy in the personal finance community, and talk about whether frugality is for the rich.

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The History of Women, Work and Money – And A Look Forward

Women, work and money. We take for granted nowadays that a woman can manage her own finances. She can get a loan in her own name, a credit card, work a full time job, and invest however she wishes. Lets take a look back – and a look forward – together.

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Community College To Millionaire – Seven Figure Success Stories

Lots of people worry if their kid gets their start at community college, they’ll never succeed. Well my friend the FI Journeyman is a millionaire community college grad, and he’s here to prove them wrong.

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