Our Epic Dream Trip To Japan

A few weeks ago, we got back from our epic dream trip to Japan. This was a trip we saved and invested for over nearly 20 years. Come check out our investment strategy, and the many things we did over the course of our ten day trip for a family of five. Bonus content – you get to see me attacked by pigeons!

Reflections On Three Months Of Mortgage Free Life

Today I’m reflecting on mortgage free life. Three months ago, I hit the submit button on the mortgage companies website, getting rid of the last debt we had. Today I’m talking about different aspects of debt free living – from the mentality of “we don’t have a mortgage, so we can afford it!” to how life doesn’t necessarily change in the ways you think it might.

It’s Q2 Close. Where are your 2018 Goals?

We all set goals at the start of the year. How are you tracking towards yours? Today, in honor of Q2 of your financial life coming to a close, I’m sharing my in-depth assessment process and tracking just how I’m doing towards my ambitious goals this year. Come on in, see how I do my assessment, stay tuned for the fun updates, and share with me how you’re doing!