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I love to write about breadwinning, six-figure, and millionaire women. On this page, you’ll find more about my personal story, and advice for other breadwinning women like me.

I’m the mother of three boys of vastly different ages and have been the breadwinner for pretty much our entire marriage. Currently, my husband is an awesome stay at home dad, taking care of all things around the house while I’m working.

Whether it’s making the decision for a husband to stay at home, travelling for work, working remotely or splitting home responsibilities, you’ll find it all here.

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The Real Reasons My Husband Is A Stay At Home Dad

The real reason my husband is a stay at home dad (1)

My husband became a full time stay at home dad three years ago, at age 40, after us juggling a number of different working arrangements for our ten prior years as parents. Unfortunately, this wasn’t entirely a decision we were able to make for ourselves. Find out more about our various working arrangements over time, and why he’s at home now.

A Frank Accounting Of The Ups and Downs of (Almost) Avoiding Childcare

Avoiding ChildcareMy husband and I have had various working arrangements over our fifteen years as parents. We’ve worked split shifts – with me working a full-time corporate job and him working evenings. He’s worked part-time. He’s been laid off before, as well as nearly dying six years ago, and was unable to work. Now he’s a stay at home dad.

Avoiding childcare sounds great, but has some significant downsides, which I cover here.

Splitting Home Responsibilities As A Female Breadwinner

Splitting Home Responsibilities As A Female BreadwinnerOne question people always ask is how my husband and I split home responsibilities. The answer is “it depends” on a lot of factors, including what’s going on in our family and work lives. Come see how we do it, and my advice for others!

Preparing For Kids As A Female Breadwinner – At Every Age And Stage

Prepping for kids as a breadwinning mom

This article is a reader favorite. All about my journey preparing for kids in my early 20’s, mid 20’s, and early thirties. My three boys were all born during very different life and career stages, so I’ve been there – done that. Check out more about how we’ve handled this, and advice for other women.

Traveling For Work As A Breadwinning Mom

Traveling for work as a breadwinning mom

This article was written after a week-long work trip. Oftentimes as a mom people assume that you don’t want to or can’t travel for work. Luckily, the company I work for does not assume that, and I get the opportunity to travel for work and for conferences. In this article I talk about leaving guilt behind while traveling for work.

How I Do It All – I Don’t

How a breadwinning mom does it all

I get a TON of comments at work and here online from people that can’t believe everything I accomplish. How can one person do so much? The secret here isn’t in what I do, but what I don’t do. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish what I do without the support of my husband and boys. That ruthless prioritization comes into play here again. The real parental heroes in my mind are the parents who make do without a support system. You can learn more about how I “do it all” here.

If You’re The Breadwinner – Be Proud

Be proud of being the female breadwinner

So many articles in the traditional media feature women or men complaining about moms being the breadwinner. Many men and women also don’t talk about it with friends and family, for fear of being thought of negatively. In this article I take the opposite approach and ask women to be proud of their breadwinning status.

Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Breadwinning Mom

trials and tribulations of being a breadwinning mom

Seven trials and tribulations of being a breadwinning mom! I wrote this article at the request of a reader who wanted to know more about some of the downsides of being a breadwinning mom. So if you want to hear what I think the downsides are, be sure to check this out.

Running The Family Office

Running The Family OfficeThere’s a branding problem with stay at home parents – some people think they don’t do anything all day! I can’t say enough just how valuable it is to have a parent be at home, particularly in helping to ensure the other parent can focus more on their career. I suggest a re-branding to Chief Household Officer, beacuse darn it, stay at home parents (regardless of gender) deserve respect!

Read more here.

How To Have It All – Ruthless Prioritization

How to have it all as a breadwinning mom

The secret here is that you can’t have it all, at least not all at once. You need to ruthlessly prioritize, decide what’s important to you, and let go of the rest. My top seven tips are here.

Dealing With Snow Days As A Breadwinning Mom

Dealing with snow days as a working mom

Living in Connecticut, snow days are a simple fact of life. But working from home when you have three boys also at home can be a challenge. I talk about that here.

Double Standards And Stay At Home Dads

Double standards and stay at home dads

If you’ve seen articles in the media or spent time on internet forums, you’ve probably seen or heard negative views on stay at home dads. The double standards involved here really frustrate me. We shouldn’t have double standards for stay at home dads versus stay at home moms.

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