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Breadwinning, Six Figure, and/or Millionaire Moms – The Interviews

Here’s your one-stop-shop for all my breadwinning, six figure, and/or millionaire mom interviews.

I love having the privilege of running this series, and sharing just how varied the interviews have been.

You can find doctors, teachers, people who work in finance, moms from across the world, a retired police captain, a sourcing manager, a former insurance executive, and many more. The diversity of their stories is what I find inspirational. If you’re a female breadwinner, or are thinking of being one, I hope you’ll read through these stories and learn from the story of others like you.

They show that there’s not just one mold for women nowadays, and we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

I’ll update this page with recent events in their lives, so check back often! Are you a former interviewee with a great update, are you interested in being featured, or do you know someone I absolutely must talk to? E-mail me at


Breadwinning mom interviews - ChelseaChelsea from Mama Fish Saves 

The amazing Mama Fish kicked off the series, sharing her story of being an awesome breadwinning, six figure Wall Street mom. Her husband stays at home with their adorable little boy, just like my husband does with our three boys. Check out her interview to learn more about how she got started in finance, and her experience with a “party bus”! You can also connect with her over on Twitter. UPDATE– Her and her husband have welcomed baby #2, and Chelsea has left her Wall Street job to start her own business.

Breadwinning mom interviews hannah roundsHannah Rounds

The next interview was with the awesome Hannah Rounds, mother of two, freelancer, and breadwinner of her family while her husband is a student. She used to earn over $100k per year as a data scientist, and now she freelances for 20 hours a week making $70k. I loved how she’s the breadwinner while still making time to be with her family through working part time – awesome! Check out her interview for more about how she does it, and be sure to connect with her on Twitter.

Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Mom Interviews - Hatton1Hatton1 of Dr. of Finance MD

The amazing Hatton1 was my third interview – our mutual friend Physician on FIRE suggested we get in touch.  I’m glad he did, because she has a great story to share. Hatton1 is an OB-GYN who owns her own practice and considers personal finance to be a hobby (just like I do!). She also has a donkey! Swing by to learn more, and pop on over to Physician on FIRE or the White Coat Investor forums to say hello. UPDATE – Hatton1 now has a blog, make sure to stop by and check her out.

Breadwinning Six Figure Moms - Vicki Make Smarter Decisions

Vicki was my fourth interview – a teacher who was on the cusp of retirement at the time we chatted (now she’s retired!) Her story is a fascinating one. She’s always been the breadwinner/higher income earner, and shares some insight into managing kids and work. Stop by her interview to learn more, and connect with her on Twitter! UPDATE: Vicki is now officially an early retiree and is enjoying traveling the country! She also started a new site, Women Who Money, with her (and my!) friend Amy from Life Zemplified.

Breadwinning mom interviews PennyPenny from She Picks Up Pennies

Penny is a breadwinning teacher and a soon to be mom. She blogs, side hustles, and does graduate work, all while teaching full time and expecting her first child very shortly.  Her and her husband paid off $50k in debt in two years on two teaching salaries, and currently save over 50% of their income. Check out more about her story here, and connect with her on Twitter.  UPDATE: Penny is no longer a “soon to be” mom. She and her husband are enjoying their lives with baby Half Penny!

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms - SupertaskerSupertasker

Supertasker is a doctor in St. Louis and is a six figure, breadwinning millionaire. What’s interesting about her family is that they received an inheritance, which accounts for almost half their net worth, She works regular hours in an academic center, and saves $100k per year. Check out more about her story here.

Breadwinning six figure millionaire moms - CathCath – Get Money Wise

Cath is an Austrailian mum (not mom!) who is a senior manager in marketing and sales, working mostly in financial services and travel. She’s the mother of two, and talks about how she’s working to find a balance between work and life. Sometimes financial success just isn’t worth the sacrifice of your personal life that it requires. Here’s her interview, and of course you can stop by Twitter to say hello.

Breadwinning six figure millionaire moms - Temple Bo ClairTemple Bo Clair

Temple is an amazing woman – a retired police captain who is both a millionaire and was a six figure earner prior to her retirement.  After succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated field, Temple’s gone on to help others by teaching them about financial literacy. Her story is here, and you can also find her on Twitter.

Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Moms Wish I Could SurfWish I Could Surf

WICS is a 44 year old mom of a nine year old daughter, who has reached financial independence and retired early at the end of June. She amassed about $1.5 million in assets while being a single mom for most of the past nine years. Looking to become financial independent? Check out more about her story here.

Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Moms - AshleyAshley

Ashley is a Sourcing Manager with two young boys, and is the family breadwinner. She’s always looking to expand her career, has an MBA (like me!) and shares her story about how her husband is supportive of her career. If she has to jet off to Asia for a meeting, he’s right there taking care of the boys. Learn more about her story here.

Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Moms - Ms. Bonnie MDMs. Bonnie MD 

Miss. Bonnie is an academic dermatologist over in Long Island, and is another soon-to-be mom! Interestingly she worked for Morgan Stanley in IT for four years before applying to medical school, and she’s working toward financial Independence (but not necessarily early retirement) so she’ll have the freedom to choose what to do with her time. Find out more about her story here, and pop over to her site (or podcast!) to say Hello. UPDATE: Yet another “soon to be” mom is officially a mom! Welcome to baby Jack!

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms - Drsan1Drsan1

Drsan1 is another doctor – a 30-something hospitalist with three kids, and she works 7 days on/7 days off. She’s looking to reach financial independence at 55, and saves 20% of her income. She shares part of her story about being taken in by a so-called financial advisor, before learning more about personal finance and investing. Read her story, and you can find her on the White Coat Investor forums.

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms - Adventure RichAdventure Rich 

Mrs. Adventure Rich is a breadwinning, six figure mom of an energetic two year old son. She moved from CA to MI and was able to continue working remotely with her company after the move. Read more about how she fell into her career by accident, and how her family is pursuing financial independence-with the goal of being millionaires in the next decade and a half! You can also swing by Twitter to say Hello.

Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Moms - Revanche
Revanche from A Gai Shan Life  

Revanche is simply amazing. She was the breadwinner of her parental family starting at the age of 17, paid off significant amounts of their debt, and has become both a six figure earner and a millionaire. Want to be inspired by someone who never gave up? Check out her story here, and stop by Twitter to let her know how much you loved her story.

Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Moms - Kylie TraversKylie Travers of The Thrifty Issue 

From single mom, homeless and fleeing domestic abuse, to CEO, world traveler, writer, and speaker. Kylie’s story is amazing and inspirational. After you’ve ready her story, follow her on Twitter!


Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Moms - MorganMorgan

Morgan started off a blogger, and parlayed that into a successful career with Turbo Tax. She’s been through single motherhood and issues after her divorce, but she didn’t let that stop her! Read her story, and you can always follow her on Instagram.

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms - JanetJanet

Janet is an amazing woman. From teacher to MBA, she rose through the corporate ranks in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s with the support of a stay at home dad. Back when it was considered weird, she, her husband, and their four kids were doing what worked for them. Come read her amazing story, and be inspired by someone who blazed the trail for women like me.

Breadwinning, Six Figure Women - J, the MILLENNIAL boss (1)J, the Millennial Boss 

J is an awesome dog mom who is killing it in her career, side hustle, and life in general. She’s the breadwinner of her household (something she sometimes struggles with), works full time, runs her own site and hosts the FIRE Drill podcast. Here’s her story.

Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Moms - Foreign Born MDForeign Born MD

FB MD is  a primary breadwinner, physician mom and international medical graduate. Her spouse is a stay at home parent, and she’s the mother of three kids. She came to America in her mid-20’s from Asia and has been a high achiever ever since. Her story is here.


Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms - Hilary HendershottHilary Hendershott

Hilary is the successful owner of a financial planning business, podcaster, millionaire, and mother of an adorable baby girl. She not only has an awesome story, but also some great advice for other women looking to succeed. Check her out!


Breadwinning, Six Figure Moms - Miranda MarquitMiranda Marquit

Miranda is a single mom to her teenage son, has a history of running her own freelance business, and currently writes for Student Loan Hero remotely. She’s been able to design a flexible lifestyle that works for her and her son, and saves/invests automatically for the future while still leaving enough for a great life today. It’s all about balance! If you’re interested in the same, you must read her story.

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms - Dr. Jenn MDDr. Jenn MD

She’s a married surgeon with three kids who lives in the midwest. She has a passion for personal finance, just like me, and is very excited to be able to help other women achieve their financial dreams. Her and her spouse have paid off a tremendous amount of debt and built a high net worth, and now she’s working to help others on top of being a successful surgeon. I know you want to read it!

Breadwinning, Six Figure Moms - Busy MomBusy Mom

Busy Mom calls herself that because she certainly is busy. She’s a six-figure earning mom pursuing financial independence as a software engineer. Come check out her amazing story!



Breadwinning, Six Figure Moms - Mrs. DitchMrs. Ditch

She’s a breadwinning mother of two working in public service, working toward financial freedom. She works as an administrator/mid-manager in local government, earns six figures, loves the outdoors, and has an awesome story. Be sure to check it out!


Breadwinning, Six Figure Moms - Stephanie assiStephanie Assi

She’s a breadwinning six figure mom in tech who loves to cook and read – much like me! She’s the Lead Software Developer at a Fortune 500 company, and mom to an energetic 11 year old boy. She was born and raised in Ivory Coast, and permanently moved to the United States for my Higher Education studies in Computer Science. Check out her story here!


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