Women on FIRE

These women are on FIRE – not literally, of course, but seeking financial independence and planning to either retire early, or making retirement elective. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview many women who are pursuing financial freedom, and I love interviewing them and sharing their stories with the world.

I got the idea for this series after publishing my manifesto on Moms on FIRE – which collected my thoughts on seeking financial freedom as a woman, and a mom of three. Although us money-minded women may feel alone, there are more of us than you might think. These are some of their stories.

Laurie – She’s a 38-year old writer, mom, wife, and ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Teacher. She’s on a mission to double her family’s net worth in three years, with the goal of reaching financial independence. To her, that means the ability to reduce, but not completely eliminate, their dependence on paid work. Check out her story!

Solitary Diner, the Frugalish Physician – Her story is a fascinating one of living a normal life with some normal debt, albeit already good with money, and eventually realizing there was a way you could reach financial independence before the more traditional age of 65. She’s a Canadian physician who has been working in an internal medicine subspecialty for almost three years; prior to that she spent 16 years in training in order to become a licensed physician.  Read more here.

Bucket Babe – She’s a a 53 yo GenXer in Atlanta and is pursuing financial independence now after a rough start in her 20’s. She shows that it’s never too late to get your financial act together and seek financial freedom! How rough? The kind of rough where you bounce checks and file bankruptcy. Learn more about her turnaround – and her current story.

Melissa – She’s a 31 year old Phoenix native and digital nomad who loves to travel. She and her husband are working toward financial independence and early retirement, so they can travel the world. Find out more!

Financial Orchid – She’s a millennial in the pacific northwest and daughter of first-generation immigrants. Like many children of immigrants, the values of hard work, thrift, and achievement were engraved on her from a young age. Now she’s seeking financial freedom. Check her out!

Peti – A mom from New Zealand who came to her interest in financial independence after years of care-free living with her husband. It was a layoff (redundancy in her part of the world) while pregnant that was their wake-up call. And now, after becoming a mom at 39, she’s on a mission. You can learn more about her story here.

Beth – She’s a 39 year old mom from Texas, working with a financial services firm doing client communications. Not only is she seeking financial independence, she’s also an avid reader of all things personal finance (just like me!).  Read more here!

Mrs. Kiwi – Her and her husband live with their two dogs in Michigan. Her husband suffers from a medical condition, but it was their pursuit of financial freedom that helped them to deal with it. She’s reached what she calls “barista FI” – find out more here!

Check back often, as this page will be updated as more interviews come in! And be sure to share with any financial-freedom minded women you may know.

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