Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom. What does that really mean?

Your dreams of financial freedom will be different than others. To some people, it means retiring from paid work forever – sometimes at a very early age. For others, it means becoming location independent and traveling the world. It might mean the power to start a new business without worrying about the next paycheck. Or perhaps it just means freedom from financial worry, so you can focus your life, time, and energy elsewhere.

Too many people are living close to the financial edge – worried about their next paycheck, and feeling like their dreams are out of reach.

Debt destroys peace of mind, leaving you stressed and dependent on your income. Not having built a solid financial foundation leaves you vulnerable to emergencies and jeopardizes your financial future. If you don’t have a solid retirement plan, you’ll need to depend on the kindness of the government or your kids to eke out an existence. I don’t want that for you – instead I want you to be able to live your dreams.

I call myself a mom on FIRE – seeking Financial Independence with Retirement Elective. Seeking financial freedom is s similar path regardless of gender, because your money doesn’t care what gender you are. I’ve been on a journey toward financial independence for twenty years now – since I was a teen – through some of the worst things life can throw at you. And I’m still here, still striving, and will continue to strive until I’ve achieved all my dreams. I want to help you to get there too.

I’m here to help you reach financial freedom and your ultimate dreams and goals through a simple, straightforward process. It’s simple, but not easy. I have confidence that you can do it, and we can all achieve our goals and dreams.

Five Steps To Financial Freedom

Are you ready to start this journey with me? Wonderful. Lets begin.

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Where Are You Now, and Where Do You Want To Go_
Set a solid financial foundation by taking stock of where you are now, and learning what you truly want out of your financial life.
Protect Yourself and Your Family, Optimize Expenses, and Pay Off Debt
The second step to financial freedom involves a lot of planning. Plan for how you protect your property, health and income; plan for emergencies and investing; optimize your spending to align with your goals and dreams; and pay off non-deductible debt.
Emergency Funds,Student Loans and Retirement
In the third step, you turn focus away from stabilization and planning, and to starting to make more of your money yours again.


Invest And Pay The Mortgage
You’ve set a solid financial foundation, dug out of debt, and started your financial journey on the right foot. Here you fully invest for retirement, college (if applicable), your dreams – and get rid of that last pesky debt holding you back.
Be Free
What’s next? It’s time to enjoy your freedom, and live out those dreams. With your finances in a solid place, you can turn your attention to living the life you want – rather than the life you need to in order to pay your bills.

Be free.