Step Five To Financial Freedom

Be Free

Now is the fun part – living out your dreams.

You can now live your dreams, including (but not limited to):

  • Leaving your current job to start that business you’ve always wanted
  • Leave your high-stress job and take a lower-paying job with more flexibility
  • Continue in your current job, using your money to helping make the world a better place
  • Retire from paid work – temporarily or permanently
  • Take time off to travel the world as a family
  • Work less, and use your extra time to do more volunteer work at an organization that speaks to you
  • You might open a donor advised fund and put all your extra money towards a charitable giving plan.

It’s all up to you. Remember, your goals and dreams should be what matters to you. Don’t spend money on things that don’t bring you closer to those dreams, and don’t feel like you need to live someone elses version of an “ideal” life.

Just because all your co-workers and neighbors live paycheck to paycheck, constantly upgrade their smartphones, buy jet skis, or generally outspend their income-doesn’t mean you need to. In order to be financially free in this country today, you’ll need to accept being different. Normal means broke, sadly.

You want to be different. You want to be free.

If you’re not free yet, be sure to go back and figure out just where you want to go. Then start working your plan to get there.

Be Free.

Step Five To Financial Freedom