Breadwinning, six figure teachers. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to several moms who are the family breadwinners, and making six figures or saving a high percentage of income. Most folks don’t think about teachers when they think of a female breadwinner, and these women are proving this stereotype wrong!

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Vicki from Breadwinning Six Figure Moms - VickiMake Smarter Decisions

Vicki was my fourth interview – a teacher who was on the cusp of retirement at the time we chatted (now she’s retired!) Her story is a fascinating one. She’s always been the breadwinner/higher income earner, and shares some insight into managing kids and work. Stop by her interview to learn more, and connect with her on Twitter! UPDATE: Vicki is now officially an early retiree and is enjoying traveling the country! She’s started a new website, Women Who Money, with her friend and mine, Amy from Life Zemplified.

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Breadwinning mom interviews PennyPenny from She Picks Up Pennies 

Penny is a breadwinning teacher and a soon to be mom. She blogs, side hustles, and does graduate work, all while teaching full time and expecting her first child very shortly.  Her and her husband paid off $50k in debt in two years on two teaching salaries, and currently save over 50% of their income. Check out more about her story here, and connect with her on Twitter.  UPDATE: Penny is no longer a “soon to be” mom. She and her husband are enjoying their lives with baby Half Penny!

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