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What can you do if you saved too much in a 529

Saving Too Much For College in a 529 – Now What?

The one year old I started a college fund for back in 2004 was just recently accepted to college. He received several scholarships, took courses for college credit in high school, and will be living at home attending an in-state public university. All that means I don’t need as much in college savings as all those financial calculators said I did. Check out what options we’re looking withdrawing the extra, and revisit an old friend – the College Compact – in action.

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Sacrificing Too Much For Kids

Are You Sacrificing Too Much (Financially) For Your Kids?

Are you sacrificing too much for your kids – giving them what they want now and forgoing what you want the most? Today on the site I’m talking about when we parents don’t put on our own financial oxygen masks before putting on our kids, and giving some tips to help you focus your spending on what you truly value. Also looking for your suggestions for saving in the comments!

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I Didn't Do Back To School Shopping

I Didn’t Do Back To School Shopping

This year I didn’t do any back to school shopping for my teenager and middle schooler. Check out more about why, what we did instead, how we shop for back to school, and what I like to do with the money we save.

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When Do You Cut Off Your Kids-Financially_

When Do You Cut Off Kids Financially?

Today I’m talking about several recent articles where parents are still supporting their adult children. When is enough, enough – and when do you cut that financial cord? Today I’m talking about financial and cultural aspects to this decision, and crowd sourcing your best advice.

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The End Of The 529 Year Is Coming!

The End (Of The 529 Year) Is Coming!

Today I’ve got an amazing post for you, all about end of year college planning. PLUS I’m hosting an amazing giveaway for the CHET Gift of College! Stop on by and check out how you might be able to save before the year runs out.

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