Freezing Blueberries

When we go blueberry picking, we go all out.

Why? Because I love having bags of freshly picked, local blueberries frozen for the wintertime. Anytime we want a taste of summer, we scoop out a cup or so of these blueberries and whip up some blueberry muffins, scones, pancakes, or even just make a fruit topping.

But one issue I’ve run into in the past is that the blueberries will all stick together into a giant blueberry clump. That makes it hard to separate the berries when you just want a cup. So how do you keep them nice and loose?

The answer is simple.

No Stick Blueberry Freezing Hack

Before putting your blueberries into a freezer bag, you “pre-freeze” them on a baking sheet.

That’s it! Once they’re frozen into blue frozen jewels, then you put them into the freezer bag. As long as you don’t let the bag thaw out and re-freeze, they’ll stay nice and loose inside the bag in your freezer.

No Stick Frozen Blueberries-2

Check out the video!

Want to watch my husband using this hack, while protecting our blueberries from the dog? Or just check out my other awesome blueberry recipes, and the fun we had picking? Be sure to check out our YouTube video!

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No Stick Frozen Blueberries

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  1. fun video! the recipes look really great. as kids we used to do the same with the left over pie dough….we called them pinwheels.. 🙂

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