Breadwinning, six figure, and millionaire moms in finance. Usually when folks think about successful people in the financial field, they picture a man. Well these women are here to show that not only can you succeed in the field of finance, but you can support your family and reach financial freedom too! Check out these amazing women!

Chelsea from Mama Fish Saves  – Business Owner, Formerly Finance – Breadwinning, Six Figure Woman

Breadwinning mom interviews - Chelsea

The amazing Mama Fish kicked off the series, sharing her story of being an awesome breadwinning, six figure Wall Street mom. Her husband stays at home with their adorable little boy, just like my husband does with our three boys. Check out her interview to learn more about how she got started in finance, and her experience with a “party bus”! You can also connect with her over on Twitter. UPDATE– Her and her husband have welcomed baby #2, and Chelsea has left her Wall Street job to start her own business.

Wish I Could Surf – Early Retiree, Formerly Finance – Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Woman

Breadwinning Six Figure Millionaire Moms Wish I Could Surf

WICS is a 44 year old mom of a nine year old daughter, who has reached financial independence and retired early at the end of June. She amassed about $1.5 million in assets while being a single mom for most of the past nine years. Looking to become financial independent? Check out more about her story here.

Hilary Hendershott – Financial Planning Business Owner – Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Woman

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms - Hilary Hendershott

Hilary is the successful owner of a financial planning business, podcaster, millionaire, and mother of an adorable baby girl. She not only has an awesome story, but also some great advice for other women looking to succeed. Check her out!

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Aparna Aggarwal, Elementum Money – Financial Planner – Breadwinning Woman



Aparna is a female breadwinner living in India – a country where this is even less common than in the US. She transitioned from marketing into financial planning, and became the breadwinner in support of her husband.

I love learning from women all around the country, and all around the world, so her story was particularly interesting to read. Want to learn more about a female breadwinner in India? Check out her story.

Sunday Brunch Cafe – Portfolio Manager – Breadwinning, Six Figure Woman

Sunday Brunch CafeSBC is a single woman, portfolio manager for a bank, and started in finance as a fluke. Now that she’s a portfolio manager, she’d love to transition into work where she more directly helps women achieve financial wealth and success. She’s had to deal with the perception that strong, successful women just “aren’t marriage material” – but fortunately found someone who appreciates her success, rather than being intimidated by it.

Learn more about her story here!

Echo Huang, CFP, CPA, RIA – Financial Planning Firm Owner – Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Women

Echo HuangEcho has an amazing story – she came to the US from rural China (no running water/electricity type of rural) with $800. Today she’s a breadwinner, six figure earner, millionaire, financial firm owner, ballroom dancer, and pianist.

When she faced corporations that didn’t support her, she struck out on her own to great success.

You won’t want to miss her story – check it out!

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