Community College To Millionaire – Seven Figure Success Stories

Lots of people worry if their kid gets their start at community college, they’ll never succeed. Well my friend the FI Journeyman is a millionaire community college grad, and he’s here to prove them wrong.

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The Emptiness Of Achieving Your Goals – CMO Throws Down The Gauntlet

When you achieve everything you’ve dreamed of, what’s next? Today I explore the emptiness you may feel after achieving big, life-changing goals and talk about making new ones that are even bigger and more life changing.

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How I Have More Time Than You

I get asked all the time, “how do you have time to do everything?” The secret is that I don’t do everything. My husband does a lot of the activities that you might traditionally associate with moms, like taking the kids to school or dealing with homework. Come learn more about how I do a lot by not doing it all!

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