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Navigating balancing family priorities with career, frugal family fun, and overcoming family challenges that get in your way.

Which shopping personality Featured Image

What Shopping Personality Are You?

Today for some financial Friday fun, I’ve developed a few different “shopping personalities” to talk about how different grocery shopping strategies work for different people. Check it out & let me know which one you are!

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One Year Later

One Year Later

Somehow it’s been a year since COVID first struck. The past year has been quite a journey for our family – some of which is shared by the world, others are unique to us. Come along and hear all about what this pandemic has meant for us, and just how much our lives have changed over the past year.

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My Husband Has A (Part Time) Job Female Breadwinner Reflections-2

A Part Time, Benefits Eligible Job | Female Breadwinner Reflections

My husband now has a formal, benefits-eligible part time job. I’m excited for him to be working in a field he enjoys, bringing joy to others, but thought this would be a good time to reflect. How will his working a few evenings a week, and the weekends, change our family dynamic? Do we need to examine our split of household chores? And what do women feel like when they’re no longer the breadwinner (NOTE: not applicable to me, but it’s a conversations I’ve had with others). We’ll talk about that and more today.

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I Didn't Do Back To School Shopping

I Didn’t Do Back To School Shopping

This year I didn’t do any back to school shopping for my teenager and middle schooler. Check out more about why, what we did instead, how we shop for back to school, and what I like to do with the money we save.

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Five Ways We’re Making Easter Special

Easter’s coming! I hope you have some fun plans for the day, if you celebrate Easter. My older two boys are both off from school today, and although I’m not off from work, I’ll likely be able to log off a bit early to start the festivities. Today I’m talking about five fun and frugal ways we’re making Easter special this year here at CMO central.

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