Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity theft, and helping you protect your identity, is a cause near and dear to my heart. Why? Because I’m an identity theft victim.

Shortly before Christmas one year, I got a letter from Target regretting to inform me that my application for a credit card was denied. Only problem? I hadn’t applied for a Target card. Luckily, I’m a personal finance nerd, and knew all about the steps to take when your identity’s been stolen. I also enjoy reading and research on financial topics, so digging deeper was naturally to me.

Since I know what a pain it is to find all the information you need to know, I’ve written extensively about it on the site. From protecting your identity online and in the physical world, to checking your credit, I cover it all here. And if there’s a topic I haven’t covered that you’d like to see me address, be sure to drop me a note at!

Five Ways To Protect Your Identity

As an identity theft victim myself, I’d like to help you not become one. In this article I break out five straightforward ways to protect your identity. Plus, I tell you more about my personal story.

5 Steps to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft – Plus My Story

Seven Steps To Take If Your Identity’s Been Stolen

If you’ve already become a victim, you’re not alone. And there’s some key next steps you can take. Here I break down seven steps to take if your identity has been stolen.

Seven Steps to Take if Your Identity’s Been Stolen

Tax Identity Theft

Tax thieves are everywhere. Tax identity theft increases every single year, and you never know when you might be a victim. If you’re one of the victims, your refund (if you get one) could be delayed by a very long time! If it happens to you, you need to know what to do.

Thieves Are Everywhere: Protect Your Tax Identity (Remember Equifax)

Corporate Identity Theft

Protecting your work identity is important – not just to your company, but also to you. The facts about corporate identity theft are scary. Learn how to protect yourself, and send this to your co-workers.

Work Identity Theft – A Corporate Nightmare

Child Identity Theft

People talk a lot about identity theft, but sometimes we forget to protect the identity of the most vulnerable – our children. Child identity theft is sadly common, and lots of folks don’t know what they should do. Read through this to learn more about how to protect your childrens identity from thieves.

Child Identity Theft – Thieves Are Coming For Them

Swiped – The Best Book to Protect Your Identity

When my identity was stolen, I found a good amount of information online – but still wanted to learn more. This book was the answer to the questions I didn’t know I should be asking. Read through the book and you’ll learn a lot about protecting your physical and virtual identity. Plus in this article I summarize my key take-aways.

Identity Theft – Swiped by Adam Levin

Protect your identity.

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