Your Money

Your money, or your life? That’s the lens I look at everything through. From spending, to investing, to investigating FIRE, it’s all about maximizing the trade-off between life energy spent and happiness gained.

My goals and dreams don’t need to be yours. But not matter what you want – whether it’s to retire at 35 and travel the world or pay for college for your kids – thinking intentionally about your money, learning how it works, and maximizing that trade-off will get you closer to your dreams.

Here’s all my resources about your money.

Investing and Taxes

Investing and taxes are both important things to understand in order to reach your financial goals. They can both be intimidating to someone who knows nothing about them, but luckily, there are lots of resources available for you. And for those that are more experienced investors, I bet you’ll find something interesting in here too.

Smart Spending

Smart spending doesn’t mean squeezing every penny until it yells, but it does mean spending in alignment with what you truly want. Ignore what others tell you and listen to your dreams.


This is all about redefining retirement – both in age, and in what you do once you’re there. Whether you’re leaving paid work early on to work on something more fulfilling, or retiring at fifty, sixty, or beyond, you’ll find this information useful.

Financial Freedom

If you want a step-by-step walkthrough of how to reach financial freedom, this page is for you. I have tons of resources here on the path you need to walk to become financially free.

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