Money In Your 30’s – Women on FIRE – My Early Retirement Journey

It’s time to talk about money in your 30’s. Today I have a special interview with My Early Retirement Journey, a single woman in her 30’s talking about her money and her journey to financial freedom. She has some questions for you on how to figure out what you want to do after you’re financially independent – and do you know anyone seeking student loan forgiveness? Stop on in, read more, and help her out!

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Women on FIRE – Jenny

She’s a single woman living in Atlanta, working toward financial freedom in her 50’s after getting a later start. I love getting to feature so many different stories here on the site, and as you read, you’ll see that Jenny hasn’t had the easiest time in life. But she hasn’t let life circumstances get her down – she keeps pursuing financial freedom in the way that she wants to.

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