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How To Go From $22k Per Year To Six Figures. A Real Guide (No Ivy League. Not Quick. Not Easy.)

There’s a lot of stories out there about people who make six figures, but not much on how exactly to do it.

Or you can find plenty of “get rich quick & easy” advice, encouraging you to take big risks for a big payoff. That’s great, but they neglect to mention all the people who did that and failed. They’re also short on specifics. “Come up with a million dollar business idea!” sounds great, but, um, how.

I’m going to change that. Today I have CMO’s complete guide to going from a low-paying job into a lucrative career. This is all either what I did to go from someone going to community college and earning $22,000 per year to an MBA earning six figures.

Breadwinning, Six Figure Moms – Stephanie Assi

I’m excited to bring you another entry in my famous Breadwinning, Six Figure moms series – the story of Stephanie Assi. She’s a breadwinning six figure mom in tech who loves to cook and read – much like me! She’s a Lead Software Developer at a Fortune 500 company, and mother of an energetic 11 year old boy. She was born and raised in Ivory Coast, and permanently moved to the United States for her Higher Education studies in Computer Science.

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms – Doc G’s Mom

Today I have another amazing Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Mom story for you – but this one is a bit different than the others. Rather than being an interview with an awesome mom, this is by a son about his mom. Doc G started his blog DiverseFi to take a deep dive into the emotional as …

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Breadwinning, Six Figure Dog Mom – J, the Millennial Boss

Hi all! I have an exciting new twist on my breadwinning, six figure series today. At FinCon17, I had the great pleasure of bumping into J, who writes over at Millennial Boss and co-hosts an awesome podcast called the FIRE drill podcast with Gwen from Firey Millennial. She asked if I might be interested in …

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