No, Our Family Of Five Doesn’t Own An SUV. Here’s Why.

That’s right, I have a family of five and I don’t own an SUV. This family of five includes two adults, one teenage boy the size of an adult, a soon-to-be eleven year old, and a three year old in a carseat. Why is this the case – and how do we manage? Find out more here.

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Replacing An Automatic Car Door Key – For Cheap #moneysavinghack

My car dealer told me years ago that it would cost over two hundred bucks to replace my broken automatic key, so I’ve been living with my spare key for years. Check out today’s story about how my husband saved over a hundred and fifty bucks by replacing my key the cheaper way – and learn some financial lessons in the process.

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Saving Money For Kids – A Primer On Kids Accounts

If you’ve ever tried researching accounts for kids, your head is probably spinning with all the different options available to you. In this article, I break down the various options you have to put aside money for kids, and what each of them is good for.

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