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Overcoming Adversity – Shanté Nicole, Financial Common Cents

Overcoming Adversity Shante Nicole Financial Common Cents

Long time readers know I’m a big fan of sharing stories of overcoming adversity. Today I’m honored to bring you the story of Shanté Nicole from Financial Common Cents. She’s an autism mom, cancer survivor, and owner of two non-profit organizations. You’ll love reading her story – and she has some amazing, insightful advice for you. …

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Overcoming Adversity on The Path to FI – XRayVsn

Overcoming adversity and mistakes is something we all need to do. Sometimes the news on people walking the path to financial independence makes it seem a bit too rosy.

I like to share stories about overcoming adversity, to help others overcome whatever they may be struggling with. Today I’ve got a great one for you – a post by a radiologist and single father, who’s made a variety of mistakes and is turning his financial life around. I bet you’re going to enjoy reading his story just as much as I did – and you’ll learn something about overcoming mistakes and adversity on the path to financial freedom.