Peeking Behind The Financial Curtain: CMO Talks Money Details

Today we’re going to peek behind the financial curtain and see the details of how my family analyzes our financial picture to ensure we’re in alignment with our goals. Why? So you can see how one family really does it, and take those ideas back to analyze your own financial picture.

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Wizard Chess and Hoverballs – Teaching Kids Hard Lessons About Money

Part of having kids is teaching them hard lessons about money. Sometimes parents find it tricky to teach things like deferred gratification, or making wise spending decisions, to their kids without lecturing them. Today I share the story about the role Harry Potter Wizard chess and Hoverballs played in helping my kids learn these lessons.

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Money Is Genderless – How Women Can Get A Fair Shake In the Financial World

We’ve all seen the sad and sorry facts about how women earn less then men, live longer, and generally feel less competent at investing. The thing I’ve always liked about personal finance and investing is that your money doesn’t care about your gender. Today I’m taking a look at the fact that money is genderless, and celebrating the fact that when we invest our money to grow, it will do so regardless of our gender.

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