Women on Fire – Melissa, the Sun Burnt Saver

Melissa is a young digital nomad, pursuing financial freedom to travel the world. How? Living a minimalist lifestyle, saving and investing, and always keeping her dreams top of mind. Read more!

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Women on FIRE – Laurie from Three Year Experiment

Today is the start of a new series, but not the end of an old. I’ll still bring you breadwinning, six figure, millionaire moms (and women!), but I’d like to introduce you to the women of the financial independence movement. Today I’m talking with my friend Laurie from the Three Year Experiment.

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Peeking Behind The Financial Curtain: CMO Talks Money Details

Today we’re going to peek behind the financial curtain and see the details of how my family analyzes our financial picture to ensure we’re in alignment with our goals. Why? So you can see how one family really does it, and take those ideas back to analyze your own financial picture.

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