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Chief Household Officer-Running The Family Office, and Re-Branding Stay At Home Parents

Do stay at home dads – and moms – have a branding problem? The issue with the title of “stay at home parent” is that it doesn’t convey the real value of having someone at home to run the household. I’m suggesting a promotion to Chief Household Officer, sharing a great video from a military ER doc with a stay at home dad husband, and talking about some of the financial (and non-financial) value a stay at home parent brings to the family. P.S. The Mommy Wars have no place here

The Real Reason My Husband Is A Stay At Home Dad

Why Is My Husband A Stay At Home Dad?

It’s a silent question that I see in many peoples eyes when they find out my husband stays at home with our three sons (14, 10, and 3). Sometimes I’ll get a “it must be nice” or “you’re so lucky!” Most people want to know why, but they’re too polite to ask. Today find out about the series of events that led him to becoming a stay at home dad at 40.

Breadwinning, Six Figure Moms – Stephanie Assi

I’m excited to bring you another entry in my famous Breadwinning, Six Figure moms series – the story of Stephanie Assi. She’s a breadwinning six figure mom in tech who loves to cook and read – much like me! She’s a Lead Software Developer at a Fortune 500 company, and mother of an energetic 11 year old boy. She was born and raised in Ivory Coast, and permanently moved to the United States for her Higher Education studies in Computer Science.

Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms – Doc G’s Mom

Today I have another amazing Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Mom story for you – but this one is a bit different than the others. Rather than being an interview with an awesome mom, this is by a son about his mom. Doc G started his blog DiverseFi to take a deep dive into the emotional as …

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Breadwinning, Six Figure Moms – Mrs. Ditch

Happy Wednesday everyone, and welcome to another awesome addition to my series on successful moms. Today I’m happy to have Mrs. Ditch, of Ditching Your Desk. She’s a breadwinning mother of two working in public service, working toward financial freedom. So lets get to know her better! Tell us about yourself! I am an administrator/mid-manager …

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Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Mom Updates!

Today, in honor of my awesome guest post on the White Coat Investor (all about the lessons I’ve learned from talking with breadwinning, six figure, millionaire moms, I wanted to post a few updates on some of the prior interviewees. You can already find some of these on my one-stop shop page for Breadwinning moms, but …

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