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Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Women – Bethanie Baynes

Breadwinning, Six Figure, MIllionaire women

Welcome to another edition of the award-nominated breadwinning, six figure, millionaire women series. Today I’m honored to bring you the story of Bethanie Baynes – she started her career the pre-digital photo industry, and today has risen the ranks to become an executive at Google. She came to New York twenty years ago with about …

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CMO Reacts – When Male Consultants Consider Their High Earning Wives Income “Pin Money”

Last month, I found an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review concerning male breadwinners. Given that I write so much about female breadwinners, I thought it only fair that I seek out articles with a different perspective. After all, that’s how we learn more about one another, am I right? Well this particular article …

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Breadwinning, Six Figure Moms – Time For Money MD

Today I’m excited to let you know that I have another entry in my amazing series on breadwinning, six figure women. Time For Money, MD is a doctor with four kids, and a husband who’s an artist and a stay at home dad (just like mine!). 

She’s paid off a tremendous amount of debt, is pursuing financial freedom (but not necessarily early retirement), and dabbled in consulting before going to medical school. She’s not a millionaire yet, but she’s well on the way. I love how supportive her husband is, and there’s some great advice for you towards the end of the interview.

How To Go From $22k Per Year To Six Figures. A Real Guide (No Ivy League. Not Quick. Not Easy.)

There’s a lot of stories out there about people who make six figures, but not much on how exactly to do it.

Or you can find plenty of “get rich quick & easy” advice, encouraging you to take big risks for a big payoff. That’s great, but they neglect to mention all the people who did that and failed. They’re also short on specifics. “Come up with a million dollar business idea!” sounds great, but, um, how.

I’m going to change that. Today I have CMO’s complete guide to going from a low-paying job into a lucrative career. This is all either what I did to go from someone going to community college and earning $22,000 per year to an MBA earning six figures.