Smart Spending

Smart spending is one of the keys to financial freedom. But how exactly do you spend smartly? It’s all about spending in alignment with your true values, and what you really want out of live. Here at Chief Mom Officer, I often share tips about spending on things like insurance, cars, weddings, hobbies, and much more. Read on to check out all my smart spending resources.

Smart Spending – Spend Money In Ways That Matter To You

What’s important to you doesn’t have to be important to someone else. From the ever-present lattes, to cars, to homes, and everything in between, only you can decide what matter. Just make sure you’re not spending because other people want you to.

Saving When You Want To Spend

When is enough, enough? Sometimes we save, and save, and save, but aren’t saving for anything in particular. In this article I investigate when enough can, indeed, be enough. It’s OK to not have your savings rate going ever-higher if that’s not in alignment with your goals.

Spending When You Feel Like Saving – Or When Is Enough, Enough

Don’t Spend Money To Save Money

Good old active versus passive frugality. The “active” frugality items – like making your own coffee, hanging laundry, keeping the heat off, and so on – are more fun to talk about. The passive actions, though, are where you really save money. Not going out to eat. Not heading to the bar. And not spending excessive amounts on your kids. Here I talk about the difference between the two types of frugality, and why you want to go on the passive side – even though it’s not as fun to talk about.

Stop Spending to “Save” Money – Active Versus Passive Frugality

My Deal Scoring Strategies

I’m a very busy person. I not only run this site (part time, nights and weekends by the way), but I also work full time and have three kids. I don’t have time to scour coupons, deal sites, and credit card bonuses. But I can make it as easy as possible on myself to save money – find out more about how I do it here.

My Deal Scoring Strategy – Five Tips to Get the Best Deals (No Extreme Couponing Required)

Be An Owner – Not Just A Buyer

Owning, rather than buying, can help you on the path to financial freedom. If you’re thinking of buying the latest gaming system, why not buy a used one and use your savings to buy shares in the game company? Or if you’re thinking to go pick up new clothes, hit up the consignment shop instead (I do!) and use those savings to buy shares in the store.

Be An Owner – Not A Buyer

Animal Adoption

My free dog has cost me a fortune. Yes, he’s worth every penny. But still. Never adopt an animal unless you’re prepared to take on a large variety of unexpected expenses. Here I talk more about the various animals I’ve adopted, and just how costly they are.

Animal Adoption, and How My Free Dog Cost Thousands (Spoiler – He’s Worth It)

Power Of Money In The Face Of Shifting Goals

Money can be powerful, when your goals change. One argument for saving even when you’re lacking a specific goal is so that your money can be available for you once you do find the thing you want. In this article, I talk about my honeymoon to Japan, my “someday” fund, and how it’s been a powerful asset as life has happened.

Honeymoon in Japan – And The Power Of Money In The Face Of Shifting Goals

My Big Fat $2,000 Wedding

Yes, we spent more on the honeymoon than the wedding. Do I regret it? Not at all. Weddings aren’t important to me, and I’m glad my money went into the condo that made me $65k (below) rather than this day. Weddings are of course a priority for some, and that’s great! But if they’re not a priority for you, check out how we had an amazing day for not that much money.

My Big Fat $2,000 Wedding

Making $65k By Buying, Not Renting

Back when I was first looking at places to live, moving out on my own at 20, I looked at various apartments to rent. I ended up buying a condo instead, which turned out to be a huge advantage in my financial life. Learn more about how and why I did this.

How I made $65k in Five Years by Buying Instead of Renting

Productive Hobbies

Supercharge your path to financial freedom with the power of productive hobbies. Your hobbies can easily become a time and money suck. Or they can save you time, and save you money. Find out more here about why you should look at your hobbies through fresh eyes.

Supercharge Your Goals and Dreams – With The Power Of Productive Hobbies

My Family Of Five Doesn’t Have An SUV

Yes, you read that right. We have five people, including one in a carseat and a teenager as big as I am. We go camping regularly. We also have a large dog. But we don’t own an SUV. How do we get along with two cars? Just fine, thanks.

No, Our Family Of Five Doesn’t Own An SUV. Here’s Why.

Home Phone – Ode to Ooma

Ah, my Ooma. I love it. We can’t go cell-phone-only in this house because our cell service is no good. Plus, my kids and their grandparents need to be able to make calls from the house in case of an emergency. Enter – the Ooma. For under five bucks a month we have great home phone service.

Ode to Ooma – Why I Still Have A Home Phone

Replacing Automatic Car Keys – For Cheap

Ever have an automatic car key break, and it drive you crazy? The cost to replace it is just so high. After living with a taped together key for a few years, my husband finally figured out a hack to get it done on the cheap.

Replacing An Automatic Car Door Key – For Cheap #moneysavinghack

Ultimate Guide To Car Insurance Shopping

Ever wonder how to shop comprehensively (insurance pun!) for car insurance? Unfortunately there’s not a single aggregator site that has all of the companies you want to check. Look here for my comprehensive guide to shopping car insurance.

Ultimate Guide To Shopping Your Car Insurance

My Crappy Engagement And Wedding Rings (I Love Them)

I love my engagement and wedding rings, although others might consider them “low quality” or “cheap”. Jewelry doesn’t matter to me, so I’m glad our money has gone elsewhere.Those rings also represent just how much our lives have changed since we originally got married.

Why I Love My Crappy Engagement And Wedding Rings

Impacts of Great Depression vs. Great Recession

Both the Great Depression and Great Recession had huge impacts on the spending of an entire generation. Learn more about these two significant events, and the far-reaching impacts they’ve had.

The Great Depression vs. The Great Recession – Impact On A Generation

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