Peeking Behind The Financial Curtain: CMO Talks Money Details

Today we’re going to peek behind the financial curtain and see the details of how my family analyzes our financial picture to ensure we’re in alignment with our goals. Why? So you can see how one family really does it, and take those ideas back to analyze your own financial picture.

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Fixing A Broken Watch and A Broken Heart – Spending $100 to Fix a $50 Watch

Not all our money decisions need to make economic sense. When my oldest son was in tears over the breaking of his great-grandfathers Timex, my husband and I knew we had to fix it even though it cost more to fix than replace. Learn about how we had to locate the one person in the US that fixes heirloom Timex watches, and making decisions from the heart instead of the wallet.

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Breadwinning, Six Figure, Trailblazing Moms – Janet Whitehouse

Today’s amazing interview features Janet. She’s a now-retired insurance company executive who had four kids and a stay-at-home dad husband – in the 1980’s! It was women like her that blazed the trail for women like me, back at a time when it simply wasn’t done. Learn how she did it, and the challenges she had to overcome to ultimately achieve her goals.

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