Guest Posts

I’m glad to hear you’re interested in guest posting for Chief Mom Officer! I post about a range of subject here, but they center around three topics – money (yours or your kids), work, and family life. I have several ongoing series you’re welcome to join, and am open to other guest post ideas. Please note that these guidelines are only for guest posts – not for sponsored posts. All guest post inquiries should be sent to If you’re interested in partnering on a sponsorship, those go to a different email – please send those to Before sending your proposal, be sure you’re not sending me a bad personal finance blogger pitch instead.

Guest Post Policy

Ongoing interview series:

Please contact me directly for the interview questions if you’re interested in participating in any of these.

  • Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Moms – all about moms from all types of careers, walks of life, backgrounds and ages that are the breadwinner, high income earners, and/or are millionaires.
  • Women on FIRE – All about women pursuing financial independence – and either retiring early or making retirement elective.
  • Community college (or other difficult beginnings) to millionaire – All about achieving seven-figure level success after what some would consider to be a difficult start in life. Whether you started off in community college, never finished school, got a GED, or lost it all and had to start again – this series will inspire others

Recommended guest posts:

I’m always looking for interesting guest posts on the following topics. You can send your proposal to

  • Financial independence – from all genders
  • Work tips
  • Frugal family life
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Book reviews
  • Other suggestions related to finance,


I have a few simple, straightforward guidelines you need to follow in your guest posts or interviews.

  1. Only original content. Please don’t repost something you’ve put on your own site, or in another article. This is bad for search engine placement, and bad for your fans.
  2. No affiliate links. You can link to your own site, or to other interesting material, but no affiliate or strictly promotional links are allowed. If you would promotional links, contact me for pricing.
  3. 1000 words or more. Most posts on my site are between 1000 and 3000 words.
  4. Only 3-7 total external links. People want to hear a story from you, not link out to other material. Keep the external links
  5. Careful with promotional links. First and foremost, I expect this to be a good, quality post. I don’t mind a link to your website, product, or upcoming seminar in your introduction or closing, but please use good taste. I am the final rules of “good taste” and will not publish your post if you’re in violation.
    • Sad that I have to say this, but don’t try to use the “guest post” angle to sneak in what should be a sponsored post. I will not publish it. See the promotional/sponsored option above.
  6. It’s better if I know you. If I know you from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Rockstar Finance forums, or you commenting on my site – great! If I don’t know you, I’m less likely to accept your post, but you can tell me about yourself and why you’re interested in writing here.
  7. No generic pitches. I expect you to treat your outreach to me like you would e-mailing a professional colleague. Use my name, be respectful of my time, and be specific about what you’re proposing to write.
  8. Send pictures, or I will pick some for you. If I’m interviewing you, I would prefer to use some pictures of you, your family, your hobbies, and so on. My readers love getting to know people! However, if you don’t have any, I can pick some for you.
  9. Good grammar is essential. I don’t publish posts that aren’t well written, and I’m not an editor. Please proof-read your post before sending it along.