Weekend Roundup – And CMO Around Town

Hi all, and Happy Sunday! Usually I get my weekend roundup out on Saturday, but this week our Saturday was spent coming home from camping. So I hope you enjoy this special Sunday Edition!

Weekend Roundup

Apparently when women outearn men, neither like to admit it. Personally, I find this sad and unhelpful. Sad because one person earning more than the other in a relationship shouldn’t be a source of shame. And unhelpful, because now that 40% of women are breadwinners, pretending we’re not just keeps us from admitting this is normal.  It also continues to perpetuate the myth that being a breadwinner is unusual, wrong, or somehow something we should be ashamed of.

I thought this article from Harvard Business Review on why women volunteer for tasks that don’t lead to promotion. I actually touched on this same topic in my article on going from $22k to six figures.  When you’re looking to improve your career, I recommend volunteering as a great method to get exposure to different areas, and different people – but cautioned you need to be smart about it.

Also from HBR, I thought these signs someone is about to quit were interesting. Be on the lookout at work for these signs, and if you’re planning to switch jobs, make sure you watch you’re not giving off these signs!

Lots of women leave tech (my field) in the first ten years. I’m not a statistic, having been part of the field for about sixteen years now, but my friend Leigh wrote about why she might. Reading her experience made me feel sad for the industry, and I sincerely hope things change over time. I plan to be part of that change myself, but I completely understand why others prefer to leave.

What are some mistakes you can make that decelerate your changes of reaching financial independence? Tawcan talks about some of his experiences. I myself made mistake #1, not asking for a higher salary earlier, back when I accepted my first tech job for $35k.

I love a good millionaire interview, and ESI never disappointing. Be sure to check out his seventy sixth millionaire interview. He can write a book soon about what he’s learned from interviewing all these millionaires.

Physician on FIRE has a great Christopher Guest Post with Joe of Retire by 40. I’ve actually been a reader of Joe’s for many years, and I enjoyed learning more about him and life

Adventure Rich, one of my breadwinning mom interviewees, wrote about her adventures in Etsy side hustles. This is something I’ve looked at and thought, “oooh I should do that!” but don’t have the time to give it a shot. I’m glad she does so I can live vicariously through her. I’ll be staying tuned for Part 2.

Pennys from She Picks Up Pennies (another breadwinning mom!) has a new money wins series. If you’re tired of negative articles, or bad news, this will cheer you right up! It will also motivate you to keep going for your own money wins. Check out her money wins series, and be sure to get in touch with her if you have your own money win!

CMO Around Town

As I mentioned in the intro, this has been a busy vacation week for the CMO clan! On Tuesday we took off for camping in Rhode Island, which is an annual tradition. Unfortunately, my husband shattered his rear windshield into a million pieces right before we were going to leave. Of course, this was after the car was totally packed with stuff.


He has a Ford Focus hatchback, and had put our bike rack on the back, just like many times before. Unfortunately, when he went to shut it, something on the bike rack tapped the glass in such a way that it shattered. There was glass all over the floor, and all over our stuff. Luckily, we have a great insurance company (shoutout to Amica) and full glass coverage. So instead of spending the morning leisurely prepping to go, we had to spend hours cleaning out the car and more hours getting that windshield fixed. It took only about an hour and a half to replace the windshield. Luckily we were at camp and all set up before dinner.


After that little adventure, the rest of the time was fun. We do tent camping, so yes we slept in tents for four days. When we started camping and the boys were smaller, we all slept in one tent. Now that they’re older (and larger), and we have three kids, we use two tents. We use the campsite as the jumping off point for trips to the beach, to the arcade, and this time to the zoo. The fact that the campsite costs only $20 per night leaves plenty of room in the budget for everything else.



I’m looking forward to taking it easy on Sunday to rest up and prep for the week ahead, now that we’re home and everything’s unpacked.

In terms of the site, my article on going from $22k per year to six figures was features in Four Pillar Freedom’s Wednesday Reads. Kate from On Our Way World featured the interview I did over on Go Curry Cracker on teaching your kids about money in her Best of the Web Roundup. And CMO was featured over on Fairy God Boss as one of 11 personal finance blogs that actually make sense. Be sure to pop over the read the list, there are a lot of great selections there!


What did you do this week? Anything interesting about the articles that jumps out at you? Let me know in the comments!

Camping vacation Camping vacation Camping vacation Camping vacation Camping vacation Camping vacation


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – And CMO Around Town

  • July 22, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Nice roundup Liz and congrats on getting the honor of a financial blog that actually makes sense. Let’s you know that you provide valuable content.

  • July 22, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    We’re getting ready for a camping trip next weekend! My boyfriend loves it but it has taken me a while to come round to the idea. We camped for two nights last summer and the summer before that so now we’re extending it this summer to a 3 night trip in July and a 2 night trip in August with possibly a third trip later on. My sister in law bought me a pink bucket for emergency toilet needs last Christmas so I’m looking forward to trying that out!

  • July 22, 2018 at 9:16 pm

    I think camping is great – about once a decade!!!!


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